Dragon Medical Practice Edition’s (DMPE) “Roaming User” feature allows users to dictate from multiple, Dragon-installed workstations without having to create and train individual voice profiles at each workstation.  With the Roaming User feature enabled, a master voice profile is created and stored at a shared network location (e.g. file server).  When a user opens the master user profile, Dragon copies the master voice profile to the local workstation so only local resources are leveraged during Dragon dictation.  If modifications are made to the voice profile, upon closing the profile or closing Dragon, the user profile will sync with the master profile.

Advantages of using the Roaming User functionality include (but are not limited to):

  • Profile synchronization across multiple workstations
    • You are always using ONE profile (including all of your custom commands, custom vocabulary words & word training).
  • Provides flexibility and portability for Dragon users
    • Your profile is available at any Dragon installed workstation on the network.
  • Provides back-up in case user profiles become corrupt or damaged.
    • Avoids having to recreate your profile (including custom commands, custom vocabulary words & word training).
  • Reduces administrative time/effort
    • Backups are automatic

If you have questions or would like assistance configuring Roaming User, please contact your TCEMR support representative or email support@tcemr.com.