Electronic Medical Record Consulting

If you are employed within the health care industry, providing direct care to your patients, you are probably aware of the benefits and advantages that electronic medical record consulting can provide for you. This allows you to work more efficiently because you will spend less time with keeping records, notes and memos and more time for what you have worked so long to achieve, which is providing quality care to your patients. Twin Cities EMR Consulting is a physician-owned company that offers a wide variety of medical speech recognition programs, cloud based EMR services and other time saving solutions that can optimize your work schedule in a more productive manner. Sometimes we lose focus on what we are really trying to accomplish in our daily tasks because of the overload of computer work that can often mandate our daily activities as we are performing our jobs.

About Us

Twin Cities EMR Consulting is a professional is a medical record advising business that has over twenty five years of combined experience with training and providing time saving solutions which allows doctors and nurses to efficiently dictate their notes, over three times faster than when they are typing them. Anyone with basic knowledge can dictate onto their computer screen using medical speech recognition software, but with out the proper training, they will only be able to maneuver this program superficially, while never delving into its amazing potential. This is why it is imperative that all medical personnel that work directly with patients be able to utilize these systems, which is the main focus and goal of proper training.

Twin Cities EMR Consulting has a full staff of highly qualified professionals that can offer you easy to understand, yet comprehensive electronic medical record consulting that will improve your efficiency in your day to day job performances. Instead of wasting valuable time typing and editing your patients’ records and your personal memos and notes, you can swiftly dictate your thoughts and proposals as easily as just speaking. Our no risk experienced user training offers a thirty minute one on one training session, where we will share with you many tricks and tips that will allow you to get the most out of using our medical speech recognition software. We have found that 99% of all clinicians are barely scratching the surface when they are using these types of programs.

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If you feel that you would like some additional information on the perks that can be found with electronic medical record consulting, Twin Cities EMR Consulting would like to invite you to visit our web site at twincitiesemrconsulting.com, to learn most about our services and the ways that we can assist you with proper training. On our home page, you can leave your contact information and a brief comment about your current situation. We will get right back with you to see how we may of assistance to you. You can also simply call us at 952.808.9419 and speak with one of our professions team members.

Electronic Medical Record Consulting