Sayit Software

If you’re interested in reducing documentation time and effort while creating detailed recordings quickly, accurately, and easily, you may want to take a look at the new SayIt software. SayIt is not only designed to work well in professional settings, it’s affordable for the entire medical industry to use. Twin Cities EMR Consulting can help you get set up using SayIt software in less time than you probably think.

Realistically, you and your staff can get trained for SayIt in about 30 minutes. One of the main reasons for its ease of use is that there is no voice training for using SayIt software, like there is with so many others on the market today. If you’ve ever used a speech recognition software only to find that it took longer to slow down your speech and enunciate every single word than it took to type it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you try SayIt.

We all know the promises EHRs came with and how they were to simplify patient charting, but the facts are in on EHRs and they’re nowhere near what clients had hoped for. If you’re still spending hours at the keyboard that could be better spent with your patients, you can appreciate what a truly innovative speech recognition software could do for your practice. The question is: Where is it?

SayIt software is everything you’ve been waiting for- and more. Using SayIt, you can improve the timeliness, accuracy and reliability of documentation, reducing the rate of errors while entering data into the system at three to four times the speed of conventional typing! If that’s something that would benefit your current workflow, keep reading.

Perhaps best of all, SayIt imposes no limitations on the device you can use and there is no installation into your work station. Use SayIt with Mac or Windows-based devices for a flexible, mobile and highly portable solution to your EHR.

If quality documentation matters, trust SayIt software for your practice. Take advantage of a program that has been designed specifically for user-friendliness in mind. Simply log in and start dictating anytime, anywhere, on any device. What could be simpler than that?

Twin Cities EMR Consulting would like to help you get set up using the most cost-effective and accurate voice recognition software on the market today. SayIt software is affordable because you don’t have to purchase costly software and equipment; you can subscribe to SayIt on a monthly basis through Twin Cities EMR Consulting- and unsubscribe at any time, since there’s no contact to keep you locked in.

Give your staff the gift that will keep on giving long after it’s paid for itself. Schedule a free demo at your facility to learn more about SayIt and how it can revolutionize the way you’re documenting. No more time-consuming typing into an EHR; simply speak and leave the rest to the SayIt software program. For more information, connect online or call Twin Cities EMR Consulting experts at 952-808-9419.

Sayit Software