The Future of Medical Speech Recognition Technology (MSRT)

You are probably hearing about cloud-based medical speech recognition software. This works very similarly to the speech recognition used for creating text messages and emails on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

There are a number of features that distinguish all cloud-based MSRT from computer-installed software (such as Dragon Medical Practice Edition-4). 

Cloud-based medical speech recognition software:

  • Requires little or no installation.
  • Available on any computer that has an Internet connection.
  • Paid by monthly subscription rather than a large up-front cost.
  • Automatic, periodic, no-charge updates and improvements.
  • Technical & user support is included in the monthly fee.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition-4 is the gold standard of MSRT, and it will serve us well for several years to come. However, Nuance (the manufacturer of DMPE-4) is pushing its cloud-based product (Dragon Medical One) very vigorously, and it is my opinion that there will not be a DMPE-5 developed. So, it is likely that all physicians using medical speech recognition software will need to migrate to a cloud version in the next few years.

Although the cloud-resident products from all manufacturers (Nuance, M*Modal, Dolby, and others) appear to be good, SayIt” from nVoq is the product that we recommend above all others. The advantages of “SayIt” are:

  • nVoq has offered cloud-resident MSRT since 2010. This is longer than any other company. This is their only product, so all development work is dedicated to this one product.

  • The monthly subscription fee is about half that of its competitors.

  • There is no contract requirement. You can subscribe on a month-to-month basis. You can also elect at any time to switch to an annual subscription with significant additional cost savings.

  • It is the only product that works on both Windows and MacOS machines.

  • NO installation is necessary.  Competitors’ products generally require a small local app to be installed on each machine.

  • With a subscription, a medical provider can use SayIt on any machine at any location. Thus, if you purchase a SayIt subscription for use in your office, you can also use it (and your ONE voice profile) at home, at the hospital, at nursing homes, on vacation, etc. Competitors’ products may require you to purchase additional subscriptions if you wish to use their product outside of the licensed location (e.g. clinic), utilizing multiple non-synchronized profiles.

  • nVoq is completely dedicated to customer satisfaction, and is very responsive to customer feedback.

  • Some EHR manufacturers are integrating cloud MSRT into their EHR applications. They may lead you to believe that you must purchase both from them, usually at high cost. This is not true. SayIt can be used in any EHR, in any text window that you would normally type into.

  • Your Value-Added Reseller (i.e. Twin Cities EMR Consulting) can monitor your dictations in the background:
    • We can make corrections for misinterpreted words, which improves future recognition.
    • We can make suggestions for improved use of the product.
    • Problems such as poor audio quality can be easily diagnosed.

If you currently have Dragon Medical Practice Edition-2, we highly recommend upgrading to either Dragon Medical Practice Edition-4 or SayIt. The increased speed and accuracy of both these products will amaze you.

If you have upgraded to Dragon Medical Practice Edition-4, there is no need to do anything now. It’s a great product! However, your future plans should likely include switching to a cloud-based medical speech recognition product. Of those available, our recommendation would be that you...

Just “SayIt”

We would be delighted to chat with you regarding any questions that you may have.

SayIt Cloud Medical Speech Recognition

NEW!! Dragon Medical Practice Edition-4 ("Version 15")

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Dragon Medical Versions Explained

There is, understandably, a lot of confusion surrounding the various Dragon Medical versions that have been released through the years. For one thing, the name was rebranded between versions 10 & 11, and the version numbers are referenced in various inconsistent ways. To clarify, here is a summary:

Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical 10..........10.x
Dragon Medical Practice Edition..................11.x
Dragon Medical Practice Edition-2................12.0
DMPE 2.1 Patch.......................................12.50
DMPE 2.2 Patch.......................................12.52.350.048
DMPE 2.3 Patch.......................................12.53.350.033
DMPE 2.3.1 Patch.....................................12.53.350.038

DMPE-3:  Never released in the U.S.

DMPE-4.0 (Major version release).......15.10.351.002

DMPE-4.1 (Patch or Full Client)............15.30.350.107

If you purchase DMPE-4, we will send you a Flash Drive with the latest release, instead of using the DVD sent in the box (which usually is an older version).

The version that is running on a particular machine can be determined as follows:

  • Start Dragon Medical
  • On the DragonBar click: Help --> About Dragon

If you're running version 10.x, or 11.s there is no upgrade path, since these versions are very old.  You need to purchase new licenses of DMPE-4.

If you are running DMPE-2 (12.x), you should strongly consider upgrading to DMPE-4 (15.3). The improved speed and accuracy of this version is very significant and you will be delighted with the change! Upgrades are available from us. The MSRP for upgrades is $599 as opposed to $1599 for a new purchase. We always discount below the MSRP, so please contact us for a quote.

The remainder of this article applies only to DMPE-2.x (12.x)

If you're running Dragon Medical versions 12.0 or 12.50, you should consider patching up to at least 12.52. There are significant bugs in 12.0 & 12.50 that adversely affect some EHRs & some functions. HOWEVER... You should seek our assistance to do this. User profiles created on 12.0 or 12.50 will not run on 12.52 or higher. 12.52 profiles will run on 12.53 without change. There is no charge for downloading patches 12.52 - 12.53.

We regularly get calls from clients where a user has patched their version up to 2.3.1, and then receives error messages about an outdated user profile. For this reason, we now recommend that IT departments turn off end-user notifications regarding new patches. For assistance in doing this, please contact us.

If a user is having no problems with their 12.x version, and they will never use another machine (that may have a newer or older version installed), you can leave well-enough alone.  Problems arise when a user has to switch to another machine and the software versions / profile versions are incompatibile.

Unfortunately, there is no one download that will take you automatically through several of these patches. You need to download/install each of them in turn on each machine. You can save significant time by saving each download to a shared drive, or a RAM drive.

You should patch (and upgrade all profiles) all the way up to 2.3.1 (12.53.350.038) if any of the following conditions exist:

Otherwise, you should consider patching all machines (and upgrade all profiles) to 2.2 (12.52.350.048):

  • Windows 7 or 8
  • Office 2010

If you have questions, or would like to request Dragon Medical Training, please email

Twin Cities EMR Consulting, Minneapolis, MN
 Medical Speech Recognition Products – EHR Consulting Services – Training – Support
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Dragon Medical – Programming the Nuance PowerMic Buttons

Did you know you can program the PowerMic buttons to launch any custom command?

The Nuance PowerMic is heavily integrated with Dragon Medical and most of the buttons on the Nuance PowerMic can be programmed to silently launch standard Dragon commands, end-user custom commands, and shortcuts for many applications including some EHRs.

As examples, program a button to:

  • Launch a personalized custom command template (e.g. Template SOAP)
  • Create a digital signature image to be inserted into an electronic or paper note
    • Note: PowerMic buttons should not be used to autofill user passwords.  This is a HIPAA violation!
  • Navigate editing fields of target application (e.g. EHR or text editor)
  • Open Dragon Vocabulary Editor
  • Open Dragon Command Browser
  • Open Desktop Shortcuts

Depending on your EHR implementation, we may be able to use the buttons to improve your EHR navigation workflow.

If you have questions, would like to request Dragon Medical Training, or would like assistance configuring your PowerMic please contact your TCEMR support representative or email

Twin Cities EMR Consulting, Minneapolis, MN
 Medical Speech Recognition Products – EHR Consulting Services – Training – Support
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The Advantages Of Configuring Dragon’s “Roaming User” Functionality

Dragon Medical Practice Edition’s (DMPE) “Roaming User” feature allows users to dictate from multiple, Dragon-installed workstations without having to create and train individual voice profiles at each workstation.  With the Roaming User feature enabled, a master voice profile is created and stored at a shared network location (e.g. file server).  When a user opens the master user profile, Dragon copies the master voice profile to the local workstation so only local resources are leveraged during Dragon dictation.  If modifications are made to the voice profile, upon closing the profile or closing Dragon, the user profile will sync with the master profile.

Advantages of using the Roaming User functionality include (but are not limited to):

  • Profile synchronization across multiple workstations
    • You are always using ONE profile (including all of your custom commands, custom vocabulary words & word training).
  • Provides flexibility and portability for Dragon users
    • Your profile is available at any Dragon installed workstation on the network.
  • Provides back-up in case user profiles become corrupt or damaged.
    • Avoids having to recreate your profile (including custom commands, custom vocabulary words & word training).
  • Reduces administrative time/effort
    • Backups are automatic

If you have questions or would like assistance configuring Roaming User, please contact your TCEMR support representative or email

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