EMR Support Staff

For Our Current Clients:

If you were directed to this site by one of our TCEMR Support Staff, please click on one of the following buttons so that we can view your computer screen with you:


If you need to contact our Support Staff, please call: 952-808-9419
Email us at: Support@TCEMR.com

For Our Future Clients:

Our training packages include Clinician support during the training phase. We want to keep you moving forward on the path to success!

We also offer reasonable hourly support rates (and discounted hourly support packages) for ongoing support. We do not believe in annual “support contracts” that often expire before you realize much value.

With our many years of experience, we can usually answer your Clinician or Technical questions in 15 minutes. We can remote into your computer to see what you’re asking about. If you’re busy with patients, we will call you back when it is convenient for you.