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    Medical Speech Recognition Training

    Why Training is Essential to Effective Use of Medical Speech Recognition

    Medical speech recognition applications (e.g. Dragon® or SayIt™) are extremely powerful but equally complex software programs that are difficult to master without help.

    Anyone can use medical speech recognition software to dictate onto their computer screen, however this is just scratching the surface when compared to what you need to know to significantly improve your clinical documentation workflows.

    Medical Speech Recognition Training

    Expert Clinically-Oriented Training

    Medical speech recognition applications have thousands of “features & options”. Our clinically-oriented trainers, through years of experience, can identify what you NEED to know, and equally importantly, avoid the “bells and whistles” that you DON’T need.

    • As a NEW user, our classes condense the essential training into two sessions, several weeks apart (total 4 hours). The first class gives you a base of knowledge that allows you to start using your medical speech recognition application immediately. The follow-up class helps you to keep moving forward.
    • As an EXPERIENCED user, we can ALWAYS show you techniques to help you be more effective in your clinical documentation workflows. These classes are 1 to 3 hours in length, depending on the needs of the individual.  See our experienced user “training guarantee” below:

    Much of our training is done remotely (via computer + telephone) one-on-one. We are able to view your computer screen and watch you as you use your medical speech recognition application during the class. These sessions are highly individualized according to the comfort level and needs of the clinician.

    We can also do on-site classes (individual or up to a class size of 6).

    Medical Speech Recognition Can Learn From You!
    With proper instruction, you’ll learn how to make corrections by voice, making your speech recognition profile more accurate and faster over time.

    Because we understand how speech recognition interacts with your EHR software, we can help you to optimize your documentation workflows within that EHR. This includes how you dictate your notes, as well as the possibility of having us develop voice navigation commands for common tasks such as “Start New Note”, “Sign This Note”, etc.

    Our clinically-oriented training can minimize your learning curve and maximize your success.


    We GUARANTEE Our “Experienced User Training”

    • You wouldn’t consider practicing medicine without ongoing CME, right?
    • Today’s healthcare environment requires ever-increasing efficiency in everything that you do, right?
    • We have found that 99% of clinicians are only “scratching the surface” in their use of medical speech recognition.
    • We can ALWAYS help you to be more proficient and more satisfied.

    We are so confident that we can help you to improve your experience that we will give you this NO-RISK GUARANTEE:

    Spend 30 minutes with us one-on-one* and we will show you our best “tips and tricks” from our 25+ years of combined experience with medical speech recognition.  We will also be glad to address any “annoyances” that you are experiencing.

    • If you LIKE what you hear, you can extend the session until your needs and goals are met, or schedule an additional session. We will invoice you only for the time spent.
    • If you DON’T feel that our assistance is valuable, you can end the session and we will not charge you!
    • It’s YOUR CALL!

    *Classes are done remotely via computer + telephone.  We can view your screen while you practice the skills that we teach you.  Sessions are billed in 15-minute increments.

    Contact Us to schedule a date/time that is convenient for you.

    We provide a menu of training services that allows clinicians to MINIMIZE their learning curve and MAXIMIZE their efficiency.

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