Health Information Technology Services

What IS Medical Speech Recognition Technology (MSRT)?

Medical Speech Recognition Technology (“MSRT”) is computer software that types what you dictate, right on the computer screen in front of you!  It replaces clinician typing and adds the “nuance” of the patient story & the individualized care provided.

Having busy and expensive clinicians doing their own typing is “penny wise and pound foolish!”

With Efficient Clinical Documentation, Your Practice Can Improve Patient Care!

Time is vital to you and your patients. At Twin Cities EMR Consulting, LLC we offer a range of medical speech recognition programs, electronic medical record consulting services, and cloud-based EMR services so doctors and medical practices can achieve efficient documentation of medical records. With these streamlined processes, our company strives to help your practice focus more on patient care rather than endless clicking & typing.

No more time-consuming typing into an EHR to document notes—enjoy reduced turnaround time and transcription costs with our EMR speech recognition programs and EMR consulting services.

Our company is physician-owned. We have a number of experienced Health Information Technology (HIT) professionals who are dedicated to help you optimize your clinical documentation, and ultimately improve patient care. Our staff is here to guide you every step of the way.

Our Services:

Medical Speech Recognition Implementation

  • Clinical documentation workflow analysis
  • Installation & Configuration
  • Training
  • Optimization
  • Integration with your EHR or paper record system

Certified reseller for SayIt™ from nVoq

  • Monthly subscription-based medical speech recognition
  • Cloud-based…dictate from anywhere!

Efficient and Convenient

This software allows you to create medical documentation, correspondence, and email messages faster and more efficiently. Our MSRT products turn voice into text 3x faster than the average typing speed. MSRT makes EHRs easier-to-use. It significantly reduces the clicks and typing required to document care.


Our MSRT software also boasts up to 99% accuracy, using any Electronic Health Record system. It also includes large medical vocabularies for many different specialties. The accuracy with medical terms (medications, diagnoses, abbreviations) is truly astounding!

The top three reasons why clinicians like MSRT:

  • It allows clinicians to add the “nuance” of the patient’s condition to their EHR’s generic “click-notes”, without having to hand type. A recent study showed that the majority of physicians feel that the “Patient Narrative” is essential to good health care. Click here to read the article.
  • It decreases transcription costs by $10,000 or more per clinician, per year
  • MSRT eliminates the drudgery of dictating the same old “blah…blah…blah”

Benefits of Using Medical Speech Recognition Software

  • Frees up clinician time to focus on patient care
  • Reduces time spent on documenting care
  • Reduces or eliminates transcription costs
  • Notes are immediately typed, signed and available for everyone’s reference
  • Allows doctors to dictate a personalized patient narrative – directly into the EHR
  • Greatly reduce the number of clicks
  • Create, edit & sign all at the same time
  • Allows clinicians to complete patient notes on time—before the next appointment
  • Allows clinicians to dictate by voice. No typing!
  • Notes are more detailed, more complete, and often justify higher reimbursement
  • The switch to ICD-10 requires more detailed care documentation!
  • Easy to use
  • Get Home for dinner on time!

If you want your practice to realize these benefits, let the HIT professionals of Twin Cities EMR Consulting, LLC help you. Contact us today to learn more about our certified MSRT software, EHR consulting, and cloud-based EMR services.