Dragon Medical Practice Edition-4

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition-4

Dragon Medical Practice Edition sales were discontinued by Nuance as of 3/31/21.

  • We will continue to support our current customers in their use of DMPE,
    • Nuance is not doing any further development on DMPE-4, it is at end-of-life
    • Nuance will discontinue their support to us as of 3/31/22
      • You may not be able to install DMPE-4 on additional computers as of 3/31/22
      • Updates to Windows may introduce incompatibilities with DMPE-4 which we will probably not be able to help you with

We recommend that you transition to a new Medical Speech Recognition Software product in the near future

All Medical Speech Recognition Software products currently on the market are “Cloud-based”.  There is no longer a need for time-consuming and problematic installation of software on each computer.  Your speech is transmitted via the Internet to “Cloud” computers maintained by the software manufacturer.  On those servers, your speech is processed into text, then sent back to the target application such as your EHR.  The entire process is encrypted and HIPAA-compliant.  This process is identical to what occurs when you dictate text messages or emails using your cell phone, except that the speech engines are specific for processing medical dictation.

Of the products available to medical providers, we recommend SayIt from nVoq.  Please see our SayIt page for more information.

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