Electronic Health Records Training and Consulting

Medical Speech Recognition Implementation as Part of Electronic Health Records Training

Electronic Health Records provide the potential for greatly improving patient care, but the shift from old paper-based systems can be a complex process.

We offer EHR training and EHR consulting services to help lessen the pain of this transition.

Clinically-Oriented Consultants and Trainers

Twin Cities EMR Consulting, LLC understands the importance of EHR consulting and professional training for medical practices. Our clinically-oriented consulting staff and trainers have the knowledge and the skill to help your clinicians to be most successful in mastering any EHR!

User-Focused Training Sessions

Our electronic health records training largely depends on the knowledge level of the users (your clinicians). If your providers are new users, we offer two training sessions several weeks apart. The first class involves everything a user needs to know in order to utilize the medical speech recognition software immediately and efficiently. The follow-up session will help them to keep moving forward, and learn additional skills.

On the other hand, we offer advanced classes to those already experienced with medical speech recognition software.  These sessions are often one to three hours long, where users will learn techniques to take advantage of the maximum potential of the software.

Flexible Choice of Training Platforms

Most of our classes are taught remotely, one-on-one, via computer and telephone.  As an alternative, we are happy to offer on-site classes that can accommodate up to six trainees per class.

Open for Integration

Apart from the basic and advanced medical speech recognition EHR training classes, we also offer consultation to integrate Medical Speech Recognition Technology (MSRT) software into your EHR system. Our trainers have the expertise in many popular brands of MSRT and EHR software.

Compassionate Support Staff

Our service doesn’t end after the training. With a dedicated support staff, we offer full medical speech recognition EHR consulting and support, helping you address technical challenges or answer questions whenever and wherever needed.

If your practice is now ready to switch from paper-based records to an EHR system, we can help. Call us and let our Health Information Technology professionals guide, train, and support you!