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    SayIt™ from nVoq

    • Are You Considering Medical Speech Recognition Software, but Finding it Too Costly?
    • Hesitant to Commit?

    We Have Another Option for You…

    Certified SayIt Reseller

    Subscription-based license: $79/month per user

    • Free quarterly updates, with no action required by the user
    • Free support
    • Un-subscribe at any time
    • Significant additional discounts for annual subscriptions

    Cloud-based technology

    • Dictate from ANY computer that can access your EHR (See requirements below)
      • Use on any number of Windows computers as long as an Internet connection is available
    • No EHR? No Problem! Dictate anywhere you can type.
    • Self-installs for the user in 5 minutes
      • Installation by your I.T. department is eliminated!
    • Low up-front cost per user for implementation & training

    Click here for more information (pdf)

    Questions & Answers

    Q:  How does SayIt compare to other Medical Speech Recogntion Technology (MSRT) software on the market?

    A:  See our article:  “The Future of Medical Speech Recognition Technology

    Q: Where can I get SayIt™?

    A: You can purchase SayIt™ from us. More importantly, we can provide you with documentation workflow analysis, installation services, training, customization, and ongoing support to minimize your learning curve and maximize your success.

    Q: Our office is outside of Minneapolis. Can you still help us?

    A: We would be happy to! We can do installation, one-on-one personalized training, and support, all remotely via computer.

    Q: Where Can SayIt™ Type Your Notes?

    A: SaytIt can type your notes…

    • Into ANY word processor (e.g. Microsoft Word), creating a file that can be saved on your computer
    • Into ANY EHR software, as long as it has “Notes” sections where you can type
    • Into ANY location that you can type, such as emails, text messages, etc.

    Q: Must I change my dictation style?

    A: You can dictate quickly, but enunciation is important. With SayIt™ there are many ways to become more efficient…

    1. Use pre-built templates for common conditions, then dictate patient-specific details. How are these templates created?
      • We can supply a selection of complete templates that you can use
      • We can modify our templates to match your dictation style
      • In our classes, we teach you how to modify our templates, and how to create your own from scratch.
    2. You see the note being created before your eyes, so editing is easy…all editing can be done by voice without touching the keyboard!

    SayIt™ – Certified Microphones

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